Drastic SEO supplies effective SEO service all over the world.
Our SEO service operates “your website to be ranked in top 10 on Google within 2months. “

and our pricing is very reasonable, you can have professional SEO service only for US$200/complex word a month.
We can tailor almost any complex words (which is combined by 2 words or more) for our SEO service.
(the number of Google queries has to be up to 50,000/month.)


  • Initial cost: US$100 / complex word
  • Monthly cost: US$200 / complex word

    If we can not raise your website’s position to be in top 10 on Google in 2 months, we would refund your money along with the following return policy.
    We are able to manage SEO for high competitive words too, however in this case, we have to estimate the prices along with the competition levels.

    Payment is done by Paypal usually, however, if you are afraid to pay the initial cost in advance we would be able to use [Escrow service : www.escrow.com ].
    In this case, you have to pay the cost for this service and the initial cost will be 3times higher than usual initial cost.

    Money back policy———-

    If we fail to bring keywords of your website to be in top 10 of Google we return money back according the following conditions:

  • 1) Your website is in the rank between 11-20 : we return 50%
  • 2) Your website is in the rank between 21-30: we return 75%
  • 3) Your website is in the rank below 31 : we return 100%
  • 4) If 1 or more keywords were promoted we return the money proportionally to the quantity of keywords which were not promoted.


    We are also able to supply our SEO service any other languages as long as they are based on Google.
    Drastic SEO supplies great service for clients in worldwide.

    We are the professional SEO company located in Japan, we have been completed “more than 100+ projects and raised more than 500+ words until now. (we never do SPAM for SEO.) “


    We do not work with websites of immoral (gambling, tobacco, alcohol included) and illegal content! If you have doubts please contact us before bidding.

    We always welcome business partnership with re-sale partners for our SEO service in any countries.
    If you are interested in being sales partners of our SEO service, please feel free to contact us.


    Drastic SEO FAQ

    1. Are you sure you can raise the rank?
    2. How long does it take to see our website in top 10?
    3. If you fail to raise the rank, will you return money?
    4. Do we have to change the design of our websites for the operation?
    5. Can you do SEO for our new websites?
    6. What is minimum quantity for ordering?
    7. Can you do SEO for any other languages other than English?
    8. How much is the price?
    9. How long is the period for a contract?
    10. Will the rank fall down if we terminate a contract?
    11. How can we order your SEO service?
    12. What is your payment method?


    About our company———-

    SION Co., Ltd.
    @Japan Head Office:Postcode531-0071
    Nakatsu 1-18-18, Wakasugi bldg.9F,
    Osaka-city,OSAKA, JAPAN
    Tel: +81-50-3633-4460
    Email: info@drastic-seo.com

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    Contact us———-

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us now.


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